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Our history

F.A.S. was established in 1999 by the agronomist Michail Vasileios, based on a longtime experience in the field of agricultural products trading.

The company operates on seed breeding and production of a wide range of seeds like wheat, barleys, oats, triticales, alfalfas, common vetches, forage peas, broad beans, lentils, chickpeas etc.

F.A.S. is one of the biggest companies in seed breeding in Greece. From the beginning of the company, our main target is the supply of quality seed to our clients. The attainment of this target was the reason why F.A.S. grew up so rapidly.

Over the years, F.A.S. has managed to build an efficient foundation which handles the product from field to bag in an cost effective and competitive way. Having the experience to learn the products we offer, we provide the best to our customers.

F.A.S. is committed to achieving its commercial goals in a socially responsible manner, ensuring the highest standards of crops and respecting the environment.

Our vision is to continue to satisfy our customers by providing high yield products and by constantly developing better seeds and improved practices.

The continuous quest for high productive and quality seeds led to an extent collaboration with breeding institutions and universities in the research and development of new competitive varieties. F.A.S. addresses its research to breed varieties that would fulfill the needs of every branch of the supply chain by offering products that amongst their features, have a very high yield as well as a very high quality.