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Event for Durum by Produttori Sementi

An exceptional event for durum wheat was co-organized by Produttori Sementi with our company, Michail-FAS and K+N Efthimiades, Alfa Seeds and Agris in Joist Innovation Center in Larissa last Monday.
The event was dedicated to the new big collusion of the historic Produttori Sementi Bologna and the dynamic Agroservice ISEA which led to a colossus in the market of durum wheat.
This new corporate scheme is active not only in durum wheat but also in a big range of other cultivations processes a big market share both in Italian and Greek market.
Produttori Sementi was represented by her export manager, Mr Giacomo Di Martino who opened the event by presenting the goals and the genetic material of the company. Next speaker was Mr Kosmas Sotirios from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food who presented the New Policy for the seeds in Greece. Finally, last speaker was Mr Theocharidis Kostantinos from Barilla who besides the work of his company, analyzed the needs of the development of the durum wheat cultivation, the link between industry and farmers and finally he made some proposals for the future of the cultivation in our country.
FAS continues the long-term collaboration with this big seed company by multiplying and offering in Greek market Produttori Sementi varieties of durum wheat, soft wheat, triticale, broad bean, lupin, chickpea and other species.